The Biggest (and best!) Community of Profitable Forex Traders

The Biggest (and best!) Community of Profitable Forex Traders












Find out how one of our affiliate FTMO traders used the tactics they learned with us to generate a considerable Forex trading profit in just a few months. Worth a watch. 

Joshua is another of our affiliate FTMO traders who has scaled his account and is not trading $450k, allowing him to generate a massive $33k of profits in just one month! 

We have established ourselves as market leaders by providing an excellent support, guidance and mentorship platform, helping Guerrilla Trading to make waves in the Forex industry since our inception. 

What our members have to say​

Honestly, I was surprised how every single thing here has a reason behind it - from the entries to the risk management - which helped remove all the guesswork.

I joined in Sept 19 and within only 4 months I went from doing the break-even dance to becoming consistent and funded.

Guerrilla allowed me to leave my retail job and achieve my dream of becoming a full-time trader! If it’s consistency, great results and a supportive community you’re after, Guerrilla Trading is the place for you.
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George Toskov
FX Trader
First three words that pop to my mind, confidence - community - education My confidence in the forex market has drastically improved, whether it be execution of positions, analysis or during a drawdown. The team have created a strategy that is ’simple but not easy’ this is all supported by exceptional educational videos, posts, recap videos and forecasting.

The community is what separates this educational system from the rest, especially with the interactive backtesting which is highly supported by all team members and students. This strategy and community have allowed me to really enjoy trading again and the process of becoming a better trader each week. Wish I joined sooner!
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Paul O Connor
Manager Health Retreat
I joined Guerrilla Trading in Sept 2019. It’s the best decision I have possibly ever made in my Trading Journey. The strategy incredible clear and provides so much opportunities.

The community is like no other out there so aspiring and driven to help each other. Everything from the education, weekly content to Interactive backtesting is simply out of this world.

Guerrilla has given me a newfound confidence and mindset, not just in trading; but all parts of my life.
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Arvy Sidhu
Electrical Engineer
I’ve been trading for just over 2 years now and I was one of the first few people to join Guerrilla Trading in late Summer 2019. I was with 2 other trading providers prior to GT, but never managed to find consistency with them. After a few months of mentorship under Joshua Bunker, I managed to fill all the missing pieces in my trading and have since became consistent. I even managed to close my biggest ever trade in January for 35.33%, thanks to Josh teaching us how to scale into positions multiple times. I would attribute my progress so far to a number of things. Joshes approach to trading psychology; striping back indicators, support/resistance and structure so we are left to read raw price action (the true language of the market). Finally having several hundred other traders in our community for support both online and at our regular local meet-ups.
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Adam Willis
Business Jet Pilot
When it comes to Forex Success via trading courses, platforms, forums et cetera there is a myriad of mentors that talk a good game, but Guerrilla Trading (Founder. Joshua Bunker et el) help you make it happen. They have armed me with a Strategy that is clear, clean and void of market bias. To this end, my trading confidence has grown and now yields circa double figures on a monthly basis. The Guerrilla Community is a collection of individuals who exemplify authenticity on a daily basis – vulnerability, transparency and integrity are key!

-- Warmest Edith
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Edith E
IT Director
Simply the best forex education out there!

It can be hard to find trustworthy education within this industry nowadays, but with Guerrilla what you see if what you get, great education taught by a very well experienced trader!

The community go above and beyond to help out no matter what stage you are at in your journey.

With content covering every aspect of FX trading, you can rest assure that with Guerrilla you are in the right place!
Callum Price
Business Owner
I can honestly say, Guerrilla Trading has changed my life. From the overwhelming support and engagement within the community, weekly forecasts and twice weekly recaps paired with the transparency of Joshua Bunker, I've been able to propel my trading in an incredible way.

Also without the constant help and guidance from Dave Jason as part of my 121 mentoring, none of this would be possible. Within 6 months of be starting my trading journey, I have secured a six figure investment capital and have now made trading my full-time career. If you are looking to change your life for the better, then look no further!
Lewis Reid (30)
Forex Trader
4 years ago I came to the world of trading, since that time I learned some of strategies but enter to Guerrilla Trading was absolutely life changing. Now I know that It's just a matter of time (less than I was thought) I become a Full-time trader. All here it's easy, because the value and specially this amazing community is really insane, people always help the people, and you know that this people have similar goals to yours and it's really wonderful.

I'm so proud to be here and see that people REALLY ACHIEVE THE GOALS, definitely one of the best decisions in my life!
Cristina Agustín (25)
Economy student
After a few years trading multiple strategies, from support and resistance to structure, I had a good foundation on understanding price action but felt like I need a strategy that wasn't as discretionary as I was previously trading while taking my price action analysis to the next level. The x2 strategies that Josh has created are so refined and laid out that after 4 years of never being able to backtest a strategy i'm now able to spend my time thoroughly testing both strategies to gain real confidence in the market, the approach and emphasis this community puts on backtesting your plan extensively is one i've not seen elsewhere and the result of that is a community where pulling consistent profits from the market is a not an IF but a WHEN alongside %'s month on month i've not seen elsewhere. I would definitely recommend Guerilla Trading as it's taken me to a new level in my trading I haven't been before, I feel like i've grown more in 4 months than the past 4 years!
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Simran Johal (23)
Agency Owner
Since starting my Forex Trading Journey in February 2018 I have overcome many hurdles along the way. From starting through to the summer of 2019, I was doing the Breakeven dance at best. After a period of reflection knowing it wasn’t sustainable with the current strategy I was a part of, I sought out a mentor that had the results I wanted to achieve and came across Joshua Bunker, he was sharing with others how he trades so I got involved and watched this evolve into Guerrilla Trading.

Since joining Guerrilla Trading my results have transformed, I have not had a negative month, and have now been returning month on month results over 10% additionally as a result of this I have also secured funding from a proprietary firm which has enabled me to become a full time trader by the end of Q1 of 2020.

The community is something I have never experienced before, and I have been a part of several in the past. It feels like a family and there is no ego involved, everyone goes above and beyond to support you and help everyone to grow and push forward.

The strategy is on another level entirely. There are clear rules for entries and only 1 way to manage which makes it very simple to backtest but also protects you psychologically for when you look at scaling up your account.

Guerrilla Trading is creating a movement of consistently profitable traders like no other provider out there but the best thing of all is that it is done in a way that provides you the skills and abilities to do this independently without having to ask what is a great trade or not because you know already yourself.

If you have any questions or want to talk further, I’m happy for you to reach out to me on Instagram anytime my handle is: @james_mcneice
James McNeice (32)
Senior Claims Handler, Insurance Broker
I have currently been interested in trading since 2018 when I was 18, after paying for many signals and untrustworthy courses I decided to do some proper research. After a few months of research, I came across another education provider where I stayed for 10 months. After 10 months I had gone live, met some awesome people and learnt the fundamentals of trading. After struggling to find consistency and going from -10% months to B/E / +1-2% I stumbled across Guerrilla Trading. This is where everything changed...

Now at the age of 21 I have been in Guerrilla since the start and it has changed the way I look at the markets and I feel so much more independent. I am currently looking to go full time by the summer 2020. I have successfully secured $300k of FTMO funding in addition to other other prop firm funding, this would not be possible without Guerrilla Trading and the community! The whole community is awesome and always willing to help, and it is filled with likeminded & driven individuals.

Guerrilla Trading has truly changed my life and shown me that with the right education, community and work ethic anything is possible. I will be forever grateful and can't wait for what the future holds.
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Adam Grogan (21)
Motorsport Composite Technician
I'm a project engineer (almost retired-July 20). I was looking for an activity to keep the grey matter going in my retirement, I found Forex trading in the hope to doing just that, while also allowing me to achieve a personal goal of becoming financially secure, and of course making sure there's something for the children & grandchildren to help them along the journey of life.

Over the past 2 or 3 years I've tried a couple of different trading strategies, but they all had one thing in-common, that was 'Discretion' this only made me indecisiveness when trading, hence missing good profitable trades.

Then in Sep 19 I joined Guerrilla Trading based on the recommendations of another member - and I can say with absolute certainty "It's the best thing I've ever done" Over the past few months I've put in a lot of time into learning from the Guerrilla team and the rest of its community (all too willing to help out) and now I consider myself a part time constantly profitable trader. (But I still lose some trades, it's all part of the probability journey).

Now just to be clear Guerrilla Trading is NOT a 'Magic service', nor a 'Signal service', that will promise to make any, or all your money troubles disappear.

For me it's a 'School of Opportunity' it will educate YOU how to succeed in Forex Trading. It's a very helpful friendly group of like-minded people all too willing to help you progress & hopefully succeed in your goals, the only hurdles you will come across is 'YOUR Commitment' and 'YOUR Ego' to make money fast.

So, leave Your ego at home, be fully committed tin achieving your goals/dreams. and start your journey of YOUR success.

Now again just to be clear, Guerrilla OR I cannot guarantee you will succeed but in my personal opinion - you will be giving yourself probably the best opportunity out there for new Forex Traders. BUT YOU MUST PUT IN THE EFFORT...!!!
Eric Heads (56)
Project Engineer
I joined Guerrilla on October 2019, at that time I had been studying forex trading for 5 months and I thought I had quite a good understanding of the markets and trading in general... Now I can say that I knew nearly nothing, in Guerrilla I've learned the true nature of the markets and it has given me all the confidence to trade live reducing the emotional aspect of trading to the level I couldn't even think about.

Apart from all the knowledge and value provided by the team what makes Guerrilla unique is the community, where all members are willing to help and pushing others to the next level. Yes, I know all this may sound too good to be true so I would recommend anyone to give it a try and then discover the opportunity to change their lives that Guerrilla offers.
Roger Carreras (19)
Climbing Gym Route Setter
I have been trading now for 18 months and seen a few methods, some with a large basis on technical indicators and some more trend related. Here at Guerrilla Trading, the guys have really deconstructed the process and took it back to a very easy to understand, completely emotionless theory that can be adapted to fit in with an ever-changing daily schedule.

The friendly community has given me confidence through shared knowledge and when you surround yourself with like-minded people, your determination and psychology improve ten-fold.

Furthermore, it really has opened my eyes to the potential in trading and by limiting yourself less with indicators or profit taking levels etc. and following simple rules the potential is infinite!
Paul Bray (32)
Honestly the best trading education on the market today!

I started off trading around 2 years ago and after getting various education from different sources I couldn’t find that consistency I needed, until I found Guerrilla Trading. They teach a killer entry strategy combined with the ultimate money management which has allowed me to find consistency.

Also trading can be a lonely place therefore having the support community where people can bounce ideas and grow together is fantastic. Thanks to all of the Guerrilla Trading Team
Tom Quinzi (24)
Design Engineer
I have been trading for 3.5 years and struggled to find consistency or believe I could actually hit consistent and be profitable trading a 100k account. Due to Guerrilla Trading and the community behind them I feel as if I can achieve what I couldn't in three years in three months. I can honestly say I am not consistent or profitable yet, but I know it is just around the corner.

It is the best trading decision I have made moving to them as everything I have learned from the meet-ups and the strategy itself is better than anything I have done so far. I am looking forward to progressing with Guerrilla Trading as the potential at this stage is limitless.

Thank you for everything you have done.
Alex Hookway (23)
Air Conditioning Engineer
I started my trading career a couple of years ago and I've been studying under a couple of different companies. Unfortunately, none of these companies helped me reach consistency.

I joined Guerrilla Trading when they started in August 2019, and my results have drastically changed. I couldn't believe the improvement I had by applying the concepts taught by Guerrilla Trading i.e. Risk and Capital Management.

I know for a fact that their strategy is life changing. They've worked hard to get it to a point where it's easy for everyone to pick it up. However, despite being an easy strategy, please don't underestimate the amount of work you have to put it. Within the community, backtesting is highly promoted as it helps to get the strategy into your subconscious mind.

Since joining the Guerrilla community, I have been a consistent trader month on month. If you're having doubts about joining, please don't. Give it a try and you'll see for yourself the power of the strategy.
Mihai Faur (29)
Financial Services
I started trading in September 2018 and have been with multiple education provider for just over a year and could not find consistency. Some months I was breakeven, other months I was down a lot. There were so many times I felt like quitting but wanted to provide the good life for my family. I met Josh at a few meet-ups and was in awe with his trading and style, I messaged him a few days after wanting to learn from him.

When Josh and Dave set up Guerrilla Trading it was a no brained for me to switch over, it took a few months for me to unlearn what I already knew, and found myself getting frustrated at times, but then all the hard work seemed to fall into place. I was consistent for the first time and continue to grow in confidence.

I am just waiting to for my contract for my first £100k investment capital. I can’t believe how quickly things fall into place. The community is the best as everyone genuinely wants to help everyone else succeed. This has without doubt been the best decision I have ever made; I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has to come. It’s only a matter of time before I go full time.
a woman holding a baby
Holly Fox
Project Manager
If you have seen the potential for forex trading to change yours and your loved ones lives for the better, but like so many have felt confused, daunted or simply don’t know where to’re fortunate to have found Guerilla Trading.

The strategies allow you to simply buy effectively extract the maximum from the markets and the supportive community provides so much value.

I definitely recommend that you come and say hi!
Mark Robbins (39)
L&D Manager
Guerrilla has taken my trading to a whole new level. I love how simple and effective the strategy is and how the community is very supportive of one another.
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Yuri Gobbato (27)
Marketing Executive
've always said that one day I'll be able to trade naked, but I felt it was a pipe dream. The task seemed so daunting. Well thanks to Joshua Bunker and the rest of the GT team, today I can read price action very well without any indicators.

GT has allowed my trading to reach new levels, so much so that I am now a fully funded FTMO trader. I never understood the importance of backtesting, conducting self reviews, and having a solid routine.

I am not someone who writes reviews just for the sake of it. If I am writing this, just know that this course has changed the trajectory of my trading journey. Thank you Josh and team! Forever grateful!
H D (34)
Business Consulting
It's natural to be sceptical about any course you buy over the internet, especially in relation to Forex trading strategies, communities or education. I can honestly say that joining Guerrilla Trading is hands down the best decision I have made during my trading journey and since joining I have been consistently profitable month on month.

This isn't only down to the clear strategy but the amazing and supportive community which comes along with the membership. The community (or Guerrilla Gang) provides amazing inspiration to put in the work which is required to make it in this game. You truly see that you get out what you put in.

If anyone is sat on the fence and would like to contact me to discuss my experience with Guerrilla Trading, then don't be shy and drop me a message in Insta @jamiehill89
Jamie Hill (30)
Transport Planner
12 months ago, I was searching for a career change which would allow me to be in control of my life and not be in the normal rat race of a 9-5 job. Like most I stumbled across several social media posts relating to Forex trading, all promoting the “Get Rich Quick” lifestyle, very few mentors presented the cold hard reality this it is anything but becoming a millionaire overnight, however Guerrilla Trading is one of those mentors who thankfully was not selling the “overnight, get rich quick” dream.

I joined Guerrilla Trading in September 2019 and commenced 121 mentoring with Dave Jason (Who had personally been mentored by Joshua Bunker), 4 months on, numerous mentoring sessions and endless hours of backtesting and going over all the educational material, I am now trading a sizeable live account and will be full-time at the end of February 2020.

The community is second to none, everyone is super supportive, friendly and absolutely no egos, everyone genuinely wants to see everyone succeed. I personally cannot recommend them highly enough to anyone who is serious about becoming a consistently profitable trader and making a real difference in their life.
A silhouette of a gorilla with the writing underneath Guerrilla Trading
Nathaniel White (32)
FX Trader
I've been trading forex for over 5 years. I've tried just about every strategy and approach out there - indicators, price action, patterns, supply & demand, Fibonacci, you name it I've tested it. After reflecting on my journey thus far I've been able to identify two key components that lead to consistent trading: eliminating discretion in your trading process and surrounding yourself with a supportive community. Often trading courses offer one or the other - you either have a clear trading methodology or a supportive community.

Guerrilla Trading is a hidden gem that not only combines both of these components but was built from the ground up with these ideas in mind. Guerrilla has created a trading approach that completely eliminates discretion and has a supportive, friendly and non-judgemental community. The combination of the two creates an environment for accelerated learning and progression - which is evident seeing the results of so many members in such a short period of time.

There are a lot of groups/educators out there trying to sell holy grail systems or focus on flashy marketing tactics - Guerrilla Trading is not one of those. If you are serious about learning how to become a consistently profitable forex trader, then look no further than Guerrilla Trading - as long as you're willing to put in the work that is required. It's not an easy journey but it is worth it - and it's a lot more enjoyable when you have such a great community surrounding you. I highly recommend Guerrilla Trading!
man sitting on a sofa looking at his laptop
Brad Wyse
Financial Analyst