Social media scams

We are aware that numerous websites and social media platforms attempt to impersonate us to get the public to send them money.

Guerrilla Trading Ltd. DOES NOT trade on behalf of anyone, and we will NEVER ask you to invest in us, nor would we ask you to send money via cryptocurrency. We do not offer daily, weekly or monthly returns. We are solely an educational establishment that teaches our members how to trade the foreign exchange markets safely.

Social media scams are usually cunningly crafted to appear genuine by using official brand logos, stolen content, usernames and photos copied from our social media accounts.

They often include a phishing link in their account information or posts. Clicking on these links sends your personal information to third parties while triggering the share feature to your connections, sometimes sending a message to your social media status.

Once this happens, friends and family might also fall for the scam as they are likely to see the message and link as one of your trusted endorsements.

We attempt to have any fake websites or social media accounts removed; however, this is not always possible. We urge you to do your due diligence before sending your money to anyone.

Fake Accounts

Scammers trick people by imitating the email template from Guerrilla Trading, which makes it look like you have an official message from us. Once you click through the email to Guerrilla Trading and enter your login information, the scammers can duplicate your account, hold it for ransom, or begin asking your friends and family for money or information.

legitimate Links

**We do NOT have any Discord, WhatsApp or Telegram groups, and we will NEVER message you on these platforms asking for money or requesting you to join or pay for our services.