Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and their answers.  Please feel free to read them all to get a better understanding of the industry and our platform. Don’t forget to also see our range of testimonials. These illustrate the true experience our learners are going through.  We look forward to welcoming you to our community and starting a new journey with you.

The benefits of being a Guerrilla Trading customer are…

  • Guerrilla Trading is the collective sum of 25+ years of trading experience.
  • Guerrilla Trading provides a forecast each Sunday for the week ahead and a recap every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Guerrilla Trading provides two simple (but not easy) strategies for trade execution and a single strategy for management
  • Guerrilla Trading provides a super friendly online community
  • Guerrilla Trading provides an online virtual meet-up each month for all members. Students also host local face to face meet-ups locally in their respective countries

At Guerrilla Trading we provide you with two trading strategies for execution and one for management & on top of this, we provide a super friendly online community to assist you accomplish your trader goals.

There are many different ways to trade and not all of them provide results we as traders are seeking.  We can’t guarantee that you will follow our resources, but we will show you what is working for current students and other successful traders that have been where you are now.

Ultimately the end goal is to get you confidently trading with belief in your abilities and trust in your strategy.  Your improvement will be a direct result of your daily routine, your trade plan and practice.

The amount of money you require actually depends on your trading objectives.  Most importantly you should only use money that is allocated for trading. Don’t use the money you cannot afford to lose.  Having more money to start with can be advantageous.

Your success ultimately depends on your own drive and work ethic when learning strategies and building your confidence!  

Traders around the world have succeeded in using our education/strategies, to make money. Regardless of your current situation or your level of experience, we provide the tools to help make your trading and income goals a reality.

All we ask is that you treat trading seriously and approach it as a business, not a hobby.  It’s been our experience that those who accept this and focus on skill development and practice are the ones most likely to reap the rewards the financial markets can offer.

Trading can be complex, however, we as traders need to simplify the process so that we can become skilled at what we do.  Knowing everything is not the answer to making money but having a plan is.  Similar to sports, if we are to elevate our skill and expect better results, each trader must accept that learning anything new or challenging will take some element of time to master their proficiency.

What makes Guerrilla Trading such a strong component to helping with this, is that we have spent significant time refining our strategies to make this an easy and comfortable experience in as little time as possible for you.  Our online training and virtual trading room are geared towards making the trading process simple to use and easy to understand.  We don’t crowd your screens with numerous indicators that aren’t necessary and we teach strategies in a step-by-step process so you can gradually advance with a firm understanding.  Most importantly, we spend countless hours performing live market education and analysis so you have the guidance that’s expected to learn how to apply your skills.

As professional traders, our primary focus is to approach this a successful business in risk management.  We ALWAYS use stop losses!  Trading without stop-losses is a form of gambling and we don’t approach the markets this way….EVER!

Combining the use of stop losses, risk management, and money management, you can gain the confidence to have a sound trading plan.  This, in turn, gives you the ability to call yourself a risk manager as opposed to a trader…A much more suitable job title IN OUR HUMBLE OPINION.

Our refund policy is very simple…we don’t offer refunds. You are in the business of trading, and at Guerrilla Trading we treat your order the same way the market would; meaning once your order has been placed and your payment has been processed, there is no turning back, even if things don’t turn out how you expected. If that scares you, or if you have any inclination that our products or services are not right for you, then please do not submit your order. If you have any questions about what we offer, or if you need further clarification about what your purchase will include, then please don’t hesitate to contact us at (, we are happy to answer your questions and help you in any way that we can. 

The truth is our refund policy is strict because we want to promote professionalism in every interaction we have with our clients. Just as we encourage you to perform your due diligence, assess your personal situation, and make an informed decision before you place a trade, we also encourage you to do the same when making the decision to join the community here at Guerrilla Trading. We give everything we have to help traders succeed, and if we’re going to devote that level of energy and effort then we want to ensure that it’s directed towards individuals who are serious about their future and committed to their success! If that’s not you, then that’s ok. We understand that our services may not be suited for everyone.

Likewise, as much as we would enjoy the opportunity to work with you, if your financial situation that has you worried about paying your rent, if you’re having to take on debt just to feed your family, or if you’re concerned about being able to afford your medication next month, then we must ask that you resist the temptation to sign up for our services. The last thing we want to do is reply to your email, where you explain your unfortunate financial circumstance and ask for a refund, by sending you a link to this page with a simple note that says “…sorry.” So please don’t put yourself in that awkward situation.

Yes, caters for everyone, from those without any prior experience to those who have been trading for years!

These were the most frequently asked questions we have come across. We hope they answered all of your questions or any doubts you may have had. Our aim is to be as transparent as possible.  You can also watch some of our videos to learn more. As your journey progresses into the world of Forex trading, via our learning platform you will have a community to ask questions and even provide answers. This is how we build our community, we learn, share and grow together.  Additionally we host monthly catch-ups with teachers, mentors and members. In addition to weekly communication. It’s all about keeping in touch and helping one another.

All of this is created to reach out as the most transparent and simple Forex trading learning platform on the planet. As a result we have created a learning platform which is accessible from anywhere. Mobile, tablet and desktop. Did you know we are also FTMO affiliated? You can learn to trade and get funded too.

We hope to welcome you to our community soon so you can start your journey in learning the Forex trading market and trading safely. If after reading through our frequently asked questions you still need some insight, feel free to browse through our testimonials too!