Profit Calculator

Use our Income calculator to work out exactly how much you can earn from your account. Firstly type in the box below the annual income you would like to receive and click calculate. This will show the account size and what you can earn based on the percentage of profit.


Account Size% Required per month with Personal Account% Required per month with Funded AccountJoshua 2020 monthly average was +16.37% uncompounded
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Below is a table showing you, your monthly return. Which could be achieved on the various accounts.

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Total Profit £Investor (30%)You (70%)Total Profit £Investor (30%)You (70%)Total Profit £Investor (30%)You (70%)Total Profit £Investor (30%)You (70%)
Profit 2.50%£1,750£525£1,225£3,500£1,050£2,450£5,250£1,575£3,675£7,000£2,100£4,900
Profit 5%£3,500£1,050£2,450£7,000£2,100£4,900£10,500£3,150£7,350£14,000£4,200£9,800
Profit 7.50%£5,250£1,575£3,675£10,500£3,150£7,350£15,750£4,725£11,025£21,000£6,300£14,700
Profit 10%£7,000£2,100£4,900£14,000£4,200£9,800£21,000£6,300£14,700£28,000£8,400£19,600
Profit 12.50%£8,750£2,625£6,125£17,500£5,250£12,250£26,250£7,875£18,375£35,000£10,500£24,500
Profit 15%£10,500£3,150£7,350£21,000£6,300£14,700£31,500£9,450£22,050£42,000£12,600£29,400
Joshua’s Profit 16.37%£11,459£3,438£8,021£22,918£6,875£16,043£34,377£10,313£24,064£45,836£13,751£32,085