The Biggest (and best!) Community of Profitable Forex Traders

The Biggest (and best!) Community of Profitable Forex Traders

Do You Really Need a Forex Community to Increase Your Profits?


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Do You Really Need a Forex Community to Increase Your Profits?

You don’t need a Forex community to start learning Forex trading for beginners. Anyone can learn to trade on the foreign exchange market. However, joining a Forex community can benefit many people in many situations.

Are you unfamiliar with the ins and outs of Forex trading? Are you interested in trying your hand at Forex trading but unsure where to start? Check out tips to learn Forex (for beginners) on Guerrilla Trading’s Forex trading blog. To keep up to date with the latest Forex trading insights, you may even be interested in downloading our 5-star Forex trading app, which will allow you to interact with other members of our Forex community.

Advantages of a Forex Community

A Forex community allows you to interact with other Forex traders online. There are many advantages of joining a Forex community, including:

Receiving the Chance to See the “Real” Side of Forex Trading

Forex trading is not a guarantee of quick and easy financial success. If you have taken a course on Forex trading for beginners, then you should know very well that everyone – even highly experienced traders – goes through many gains and losses over the course of their Forex trading experience. Being part of a good Forex community can help you to take Forex trading seriously and remember the value of the real money behind the numbers and pips you are looking at online.

Experiencing loss, even secondhand, can be beneficial to your learning experience. When you watch practised traders lose money, walk away while in the red, and deal calmly with the losses they experience, this allows you to embrace the actual reality of Forex trading. In the Forex world, becoming an experienced trader is not a guarantee that you will never lose money. If you believe it is, it can devastate your motivation when losses occur. Observing how professional traders cut their losses and prepare for a new day can keep you from making impulsive trades, which can help you lose less money while trading.

Fighting Loneliness

Forex trading can feel very lonely when you spend hours in front of the screen. When you want to talk about your Forex experiences, it may be difficult to have those conversations with offline friends and family who don’t understand. By joining a Forex community, you can celebrate your profits with other people and get advice for your losses. Forex communities are full of like-minded individuals who understand the typical Forex trading vocabulary. This makes it much easier to have a casual chat about the aspects of Forex trading you love (or hate) compared to starting a Forex conversation with a few buddies after work.

Interacting with Experienced Traders

Joining a Forex community allows you to interact more easily with other experienced Forex traders. If you find a seat in an excellent community, it may grant you inside access to various trading tips and tricks that you weren’t aware of. Sometimes, the wisdom you gain from rubbing shoulders with highly experienced professionals can be well worth any entry fee the community charges.

Success in the Forex market requires more than simply learning from a book or screen. Successful trading requires a keen mind and the ability to make quick decisions on your own about whether or not it’s the best time to trade your currency pairs.

Finding New Resources

Along with meeting experienced traders and hearing their advice, you may also meet people who can direct you to additional helpful resources. Many free resources are available online from Forex trading blogs and sites like Guerrilla Trading, but it is always wise to read up on other perspectives of the trading world. You may learn new information you didn’t know before.

Researching the Forex market could practically be a full-time job in itself. It is easy to get overwhelmed with your research and lose track of other essential things in your life. Take control of your Forex education and seek input from expert Forex traders who can guide you to quality trading resources. Interacting with experienced Forex traders may lead you to the most important resources that can help you learn Forex trading for beginners.

Sharing Research

If you join a strong Forex community, the chances are high that someone in the community will post regularly about the trends they are watching, when those trends will begin, and when they are likely to end. Reading up on their research can save you time and money, as well as the effort involved in researching those trends yourself. That means more time to watch the screen for excellent trades, more knowledge of how to trade wisely, more money saved as you avoid pitfalls, and more profits in your pocket if the predicted trends turn out to be right.

The Forex exchange market is also known as the foreign exchange market for a good reason. Changes in economies worldwide can affect the value of your currency pairs. It is very difficult (even impossible) to keep up with the ebb and flow of an entire planet’s economy by yourself; even if you find quality sources of information to read, the information you look at might be time-consuming to understand. When a Forex community works together to research, it reduces the workload for everyone. With the help of your community members, you can trade on the Forex market and still have time to spend with family and your free time too.

Quickly Receive Relevant Help

When you chat with other members of a Forex community, you are engaging with them on social media. Social media allows you to receive quick replies from people worldwide, and a Forex community works the same way. With Guerrilla Trading’s Forex trading app, you have the opportunity to receive almost instantaneous advice and relevant feedback regarding the trades you are planning to make.

Finding Comfort and Motivation

Inevitably, there will be days when your currency pairs will not make you any profit. Sometimes you may be forced to swallow a loss. When these days come, it is easy to get discouraged with your Forex trading experience. However, you can still share in the success of your friends who managed to pull a profit – even a tiny profit – on the same day. The other members of your community may even be able to give you excellent advice that can help you avoid similar losses in the future.

Likewise, once you are no longer a Forex trading beginner, you may be able to offer advice to the new members of your community. Enjoying the success of fellow community members can help take the sting out of your personal losses and encourage you to keep trying in the future.

Recording Your Progress

When you engage in Forex trading alone, it’s easy to become too busy to take notes. When you are part of an online Forex community, however, even short conversations can prove an invaluable record that details your trading history (and the trades made by others in your community). Posting on community forums preserves a record that you can look back on in later weeks, months, or even years when you are debating whether or not to make a similar trade again.

When you use community Forex posts to track your Forex trading journey, you can have an enjoyable time online, make new friends, and use your experience to guide others when they consider Forex trading themselves.

If you are looking for an excellent Forex community that can help you learn Forex trading, consider downloading our Forex trading app.

Disadvantages of a Forex Community

Keep a lookout for these possible disadvantages involved with joining a Forex community.

Many Communities Require Entrance Fees

Paid Forex communities will require you to pay a fee in order to join up. In some cases, these fees can be expensive. Some communities will offer you better resources or more chances to mingle with experienced traders than others, so it is up to you to decide if the entry fee of a Forex community is worth the price you’ll need to pay to join.

Trading Rumours

When you are part of a Forex community, you will likely encounter rumours presented as facts. Just as with all other social media, Forex community forums may contain information that has not been properly fact-checked. It’s always good practice to check your sources before you follow their advice.

Other Peoples’ Personalities

Forex communities offer you the chance to make friends with similar interests, but you may encounter plenty of frustrating people along the way. It is common to meet braggarts in Forex communities who may get on your nerves or incite jealousy (intentionally or not).

You should also be cautious of liars or scammers who may exist in your community. If someone posts pictures of phenomenal profits they have made while Forex trading, there is no shame in being sceptical. Read the comments of other community members and ask the advice of the person who posted, but always be cautious of making trades that feel too good to be true simply because those risky trades seemingly worked for one member of your community.

What to Watch For When Choosing a Forex Community

Learning Forex trading for beginners isn’t easy. Unfortunately, this opens up many opportunities for Forex communities to lure inexperienced traders into situations that will result in less money for you and more money in their pockets. Here are several red flags to watch out for when you are choosing a Forex community to join:

Broker-Specific Communities

Avoid joining a Forex community that requires you to use a specific broker. While there is nothing wrong with a Forex community that offers broker recommendations, you should be wary about any trading community that requires you to give your cash to a particular broker before you are allowed to join.


Be cautious of scammers. Never share your personal account information with other community members, even if you know them well. Even a good friend you have spoken to for years may have their account hacked someday, which can lead your personal details to be exposed.


Take note of who you are learning from. It is difficult to quantify someone as a “Forex expert,” which means that most “experts” are self-proclaimed (and mostly self-taught). It is wise to listen to the advice of many experienced people, but you should be cautious not to fall into the trap of hero worship. You should also take the time to research those you are learning from so you can feel confident you are not being influenced by a fraud who doesn’t understand the ups and downs of the Forex market.

Beginner Communities

Find beginner-friendly communities. As someone still learning Forex trading for beginners, it is natural that you will make mistakes and receive critique. However, if you feel you are being talked down to or ridiculed on a constant basis, it is a good idea to leave your Forex community and find one that can offer you more support.

Trading on the Forex market can be risky, even for expert traders who have spent years studying the foreign exchange market. Forex training for beginners can be even riskier, as beginners often don’t have a solid grasp on what they are doing when they start out trading. 


Are you just now kicking off your Forex trading career? Guerrilla Trading offers a Forex trading blog and free resources to get started, as well as help you learn Forex trading safely. If you end up joining a Forex community, you will probably hear this piece of advice passed around again and again: the most successful Forex traders are those who treat Forex trading as a job rather than a game or casual pastime. Those who understand the psychology of Forex trading are the traders who make the most profit.

Be careful about falling into the trap of teaching yourself how to learn Forex trading by practising with a demo account’s imaginary funds until you have lost your ability to see the risks involved in trading (and losing) real money. While making gradual profits by trading frequently on the Forex market is possible, it is always wise to continue educating yourself on others’ points of view. 

Sign up for a Forex trading course, keep up with a reputable Forex trading blog, browse the Forex trading forums for beginners, join up with a Forex community, or work directly with a Forex mentor or similar Forex trading professional. Always take advantage of as many Forex resources as you can so you can trade currency pairs with confidence on the Forex market.

The money you are trading holds real value and should always be traded cautiously. Once you become a master of how and when to swap your currency pairs, you can begin profiting in the foreign exchange market. Who knows? You may even start your own Forex community someday and be the one teaching Forex beginners just like you.

Get a start today and check out our free video training session and download a free E-book that can help you unlock the beginner’s secrets to trading success. You may also be interested in our Forex trading app so you can tune in with our beginner-friendly Forex community.

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