The Biggest (and best!) Community of Profitable Forex Traders

The Biggest (and best!) Community of Profitable Forex Traders




Joshua has an extensive background in trading which all began in 2007. He initially started his career as a trader by trying almost every strategy on a very well-known www site. This eventually led him to creating his own scalping system which whilst consistent, meant he had to spend approx. 10-12 hours each day in front of my screen and trading a risk to reward ratio of 1:1.

Trading is his passion, he absolutely loves it and it’s one of the main reasons he founded Guerrilla Trading which has given him a platform to share his knowledge, experience and expertise to help build a community and provide you with the ability of becoming a consistently profitable trader like himself

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Dave started his journey in trading via a friend in 2017 without any real understanding of trading or risk management! As you can imagine, this did not end well (It was an expensive lesson)! Dave soon realised, there had to be people making money from this and so embarked on multiple courses in an attempt to find a strategy that would allow him to become a full-time trader, as this was a goal and deep passion within him.

In June 2019, Dave met Joshua and after several drinks, Joshua offered to go over some charts with Dave, this led to Joshua becoming Dave’s mentor and after a short period of time, achieved the consistency he required to allow him to realise his goal as a full-time trader.



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Daz started trading in Dec 18, He was initially interested in Forex as a way to regain his time and financial freedom that a traditional 9-5 doesn’t offer. After trying lots of different strategies and approaches he found Guerrilla Trading and found the piece of the puzzle that was missing, learning how to read the language of the Forex Markets (Price Action).

He quickly fell in love with the Guerrilla strategies, transforming his previous “Boom & Bust” style of trading to becoming consistently profitable within an 8 month period.

Daz is also the current Guerrilla Trading Poker Tournament Leader.


Aaron Dixon

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As a self-employed Pharmacist, Aaron spent a year looking into ways to diversify his income. He discovered Forex in late October 2020 on YouTube, then joined Guerrilla a week later in November 2020 as his first trading community.

After studying the educational content, he quickly realised the power of the strategy and management rules through his prior understanding of probabilities during his time as a professional poker player.

Over time, trading became his passion; he enjoys discussing price action and helping other members in the community forum, which has played a part in him finding consistency in the markets and becoming a funded trader.


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Jack started his trading journey back in late 2020 via signals. He had no understanding of risk management or strategy whatsoever and was incredibly lucky his frail £200 account survived trading a lot on more than one occasion! Soon after, Jack took a considerable interest in trading and wanted to figure it out for himself, he had just decided to defer his medical school place a year, and during this time, he thought it best to learn a new skill.

After jumping through all the usual hoops and making beginner mistakes, Jack found some relative consistency in trading a patterns based price action strategy. He also became a team member and was involved in content creation and mentoring. However, he quickly saw the flaws in the system due to the limitless discretion involved and could not make it work in the live markets. Since learning the Guerrilla strategy, Jack has quickly found consistency and has become a full time FTMO funded trader and is never looking back! He has realised trading is his passion and has since dropped his university place to pursue trading as a lifelong career at Guerrilla.



Rio started his trading journey in September 2020 after being unhappy with his current financial position and felt he could achieve more in life than he currently was. 

Rio started trading with no strategy and risk management, quickly finding out that making consistent profits in the forex is not as easy as portrayed on social media.

After experiencing excess losses, Rio decided to join Guerrilla Trading in January 2021 and has not looked back since. He fell in love with our pure price action and no indicators strategy, finding consistency after seven months.