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George Toskov
George ToskovFX Trader
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Honestly, I was surprised how every single thing here has a reason behind it - from the entries to the risk management - which helped remove all the guesswork.

I joined in Sept 19 and within only 4 months I went from doing the break-even dance to becoming consistent and funded.

Guerrilla allowed me to leave my retail job and achieve my dream of becoming a full-time trader! If it’s consistency, great results and a supportive community you’re after, Guerrilla Trading is the place for you.
Paul O Connor
Paul O ConnorManager Health Retreat
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First three words that pop to my mind, confidence - community - education My confidence in the forex market has drastically improved, whether it be execution of positions, analysis or during a drawdown. The team have created a strategy that is ’simple but not easy’ this is all supported by exceptional educational videos, posts, recap videos and forecasting.

The community is what separates this educational system from the rest, especially with the interactive backtesting which is highly supported by all team members and students. This strategy and community have allowed me to really enjoy trading again and the process of becoming a better trader each week. Wish I joined sooner!
Arvy Sidhu
Arvy SidhuElectrical Engineer
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I joined Guerrilla Trading in Sept 2019. It’s the best decision I have possibly ever made in my Trading Journey. The strategy incredible clear and provides so much opportunities.

The community is like no other out there so aspiring and driven to help each other. Everything from the education, weekly content to Interactive backtesting is simply out of this world.

Guerrilla has given me a newfound confidence and mindset, not just in trading; but all parts of my life.


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