The Biggest (and best!) Community of Profitable Forex Traders

The Biggest (and best!) Community of Profitable Forex Traders

Learn How to Trade Forex UK


Learn How to Trade Forex UK

Forex Beginners. We have all been there.

You have to start somewhere right?

The idea of Forex trading doesn’t have to give you a headache.

If you know how to trade forex accurately and safely, you could end up earning some serious money.

At Guerrilla Trading, we want you to see you succeed. With our proven strategies on how to trade Forex, you could have an ongoing primary or secondary income. Imagine that!

Let us explain to you a bit more about Forex, how to trade forex successfully and more about what we can do to help, including our strategies.

History Of Forex

We know that forex is something that few people know of, but where did it come from?

Take a look below at a brief history timeline of how Forex trading came about:

600BC – Oldest method of exchanging goods

1800s – Gold used to exchange paper money

1944-1971 – Bretton Woods System – US, UK and France created an exchange rate of the US dollar against gold.

1996 – The rise of internet trading

Since then, the Forex market has become the largest market globally, with over $5 trillion being traded over the forex market daily!

It is no wonder that individuals are intrigued by how they can make a small percentage of it.

As you might already be aware, learning how to trade with forex is essential before you begin making assumptions. At first glance, it is overwhelming, but with practice and knowledge, you will become more confident in what you are doing.

At Guerrilla Trading, we are here to teach you the best way to understand forex trading and give you an insight into the mind of a consistently profitable forex trader.

Learn How to Trade Forex Successfully

Learning Forex from scratch can be daunting.

But, if you want to get profitable results, it is a necessity.

First, it is essential to look at the reasons why you shouldn’t trade forex. Remember, forex is not for everyone.

You should not trade forex if:


You are looking for a way to make money quickly


You are using money that you can’t afford to lose


You have no idea how trading in the forex market works – we can change this!


You find it difficult to stop or know when you are wrong/losing money

If you think any of these applies to you, then we suggest that forex trading isn’t for you.

If instead, you enjoy the idea of being able to trade at any time, are committed and dedicated to learning and acting in the forex trading market, then you may be able to begin your journey today.

At Guerrilla Trading, we are looking for members who have a positive mindset with forex trading and are willing to put in the effort to receive results.

Learning forex is a long process. However, if you are fully prepared and have the right attitude, you can go far. It takes a lot of commitment, but the end results could be life-changing.

Every trader’s dream is to live off their forex income comfortably. Does leaving the nine-to-five lifestyle sound good to you? Find out how this can be possible by reading our two strategies to help get you there.

Our Two Strategies – The Bomb and Bullet

At Guerrilla Trading, we use Price Action as a way to understand the market and work it safely minimising the risk.

Our founders have designed two specific strategies for trade execution and a single one for management that remove discretion and subjectivity that you may receive from other service providers. These strategies have been tried and tested and are proven to gain results.

It is important to learn forex strategies as they provide you with structure and factors to look out for when trading.

This can be the difference between you winning and losing.

At Guerrilla Trading, we will provide you with the steps on how to trade forex. To get you started, we highly recommend watching all of our education videos (Part 1 Basecamp & Part 2 Special Ops) a minimum of three times. This will significantly assist in embedding this within your subconscious mind.

Review Process (Complete the below before moving on to the next video):

  • The first time simply watch the video
  • The second time watch and make notes
  • The third time, watch and refine your notes.

Once all education videos have been completed, we recommend following the same process for “The Bomb” strategy. Upon completion, we recommend you perform “Hyper Learning” (details are within the community forums and a link will be provided upon joining) on the “Bomb” strategy for AUDUSD, EURUSD and EURJPY initially as this will allow you to really understand price action, which is the core foundation of how we trade.

Once you have completed this process for the “Bomb’’ we then recommend the same for the “Bullet.”

Once you have mastered this, you will have a far greater understanding of price action, the true language of the forex markets. You will know when to trade and most importantly, when not to trade, minimising the risk to your capital. You can also chat with our friendly global community for advice and top tips on navigating through the market.

Reminder of Guerrilla Trading

You may have searched ‘learn how to trade forex for beginners’ online and not received much help.

Well here at Guerrilla Trading, we are the best website to learn forex trading. We don’t provide you with useless information; everything we offer you is what our own forex mentors use to return consistent profits month after month.

We want to see you succeed.

Our community is also a great place to learn from others. Share any questions or thoughts you have on trades while interacting with others.

Learn how to trade forex online with Guerrilla Trading. We are a training platform that will provide you with the knowledge you need to make profitable forex trading choices.

Our team has over 25 years of combined experience in the forex markets. If anyone knows how to achieve great results, it is them. Twice a week our trade mentors will provide recaps of the week and forecasts for the week ahead every Sunday. Perfect for you to gain an insight into how they see the forex markets.

If you want to learn to trade forex in London, anywhere in the UK or even across the Globe, Guerrilla Trading platform is the best place to learn how to trade the forex market.

If you are unsure whether forex trading is for you, please email us at [email protected], our friendly team will email you back as soon as possible to answer any of your questions.

Sign up today and choose from our one month, three months, six months or twelve-month subscriptions.

We can’t wait to assist you on your forex journey.

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