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Consistency, hard work and determination. If you’ve heard these words before, they’re precisely what it will take to learn forex trading in Durban. Guerilla Trading is bringing you the ease to learn forex in Durban. All you need to do is register with us, become a member, and enjoy lifelong benefits.

These include access to hundreds of video contents that also include ways to learn forex trading step by step in Durbar. You connect with a community and people who are also on the same path as you. Furthermore, there are mentors and coaches eager to help you with real-time experience in trading work. That’s not all! To help you throughout your FX trading journey, you will always receive weekly forecasts and recaps to stay in the game.

Guerrilla trading offers the best way to learn forex trading in Durban? As you explore further, you will find that the courses don’t have any hard-imposed time limits. You can learn how to trade forex in Durban as you like it, without any commitment. Thus, you become the master of your destiny. Sure, you might be tempted to start trading immediately, but every wise person knows that you should learn FX trading in Durban first to receive the best out of your capital.

What makes Guerilla Trading the best way to learn FX trading in Durban? Browse through the platform and check out the unique qualities we bring to the table.


How to Start & Scale A Profitable Forex Trading Business From Scratch

Forex Trading Course Durban

Guerilla Trading offers engaging content in the libraries to ensure you always have a reason to learn. It can be hard to keep up the motivation, but you will always find the right inspiration through our coaching specialists and community. That’s what we bring in any forex trading course in Durban that you choose.

The forex course in Durban matches the international levels of quality and brings you remarkable strategies and tactics to keep you updated. Sometimes the market and methods change. But, with our prompt updates, you will still have access to all the essential information.

What makes it the best forex trading course in Durban? Often, new traders lack the confidence to make the decisions required. Of course, you might be reluctant because you are taking risks. We prepare you with the right mindset and help you develop a trading style that suits your risk appetite and personality. More importantly, you become an initiative-taker through our forex trading course online in Durban.

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We firmly believe that the right mindset with conviction will always bear positive results. Furthermore, you eliminate any need to commute to a physical location to attend the class. That’s an additional perk as the entire forex trading course in Durban is available online for you to explore.

From everything you need to learn about FX trading to personal guidance, you receive everything from our forex course in Durban. That’s what makes Guerilla Trading a viable choice to learn FX trading. You can either sign up today or check out the free videos to learn more.


  • Guerrilla Foundation Series
    Our complete education program, covering all aspects of trading from a complete novice to a seasoned trader. You also receive access to our trading and money management systems.
  • All Trade Forecast & Recaps up to Q4 2022 
    We provide a complete breakdown of the nine currency pairs we trade, clearly showing you the entries, we are looking for
  • The Bomb & Bullet Trade Systems
    A complete in-depth breakdown of both our trading systems. The “Bomb” is a “Market Execution” system, and The “Bullet” is a “Buy/Sell Limit” system, both on the 1-hour timeframe
  • Access To Our Unique Trade Management System
    This system allows you to reduce risk on any trades at the safest and earliest opportunity as well as maximise your profits
  • Funding Opportunities Via Our Affiliated Partners
    Want to trade six-figure accounts? Not a problem, with our trusted partners, this is available to you
  • Exclusive Access To Our Global Community
    Have any questions? Not a problem; simply ask anything within our community, and you will be provided with a response very promptly!
  • Support From Our Fully Funded Team
    Full support is provided via our community forums, which is accessible by any web browser or our mobile application
  • Mobile Community Application
    Providing you full access to our community forums from your Android or IOS devices

Note: Prices Are + VAT For Members In The UK Only.


Forex Training Durban

Get ready to receive more than the price you pay through our affordable forex training in Durban. You can start trading after learning the basics and acquiring the essential skills. Thus, you won’t have to spend hours and can refocus them to start trading and earning as you enjoy our forex training course in Durban. Therefore, you become a versatile and multi-tasking expert without exhausting yourself.

Through our forex trading training, you can discover your motivation, ambition and goals. Then you can work towards acquiring them one after another. Moreover, the consistent updates and insights will enable you to explore the potential and the realms of possibilities in FX trading. Thus, you learn more about it with the right FX training in Durban.

Our compelling portfolio and reviews from the people who have undertaken the FX training course in Durban further prove that we are the leading platform in the world. Come and join the community, associate, create a network and thrive in the world of FX trading with the right tools and resources.

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Do you want to learn more about Forex? Or would you like to understand how Forex experts achieve their trading goals? Speak with our team now and we will be more than happy to help.

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Forex Trading Beginners Durban

Are you finding FX trading overwhelming because you’re new to it? Learn forex trading for beginners in Durban through Guerilla Trading. That’s right! We have hand-tailored various courses with step by step guide and modules to get you up to speed. Within no time, as long as you attend the forex beginner course in Durban regularly, you will be among other peers and traders with apt knowledge. For the experience segment, once you complete forex trading training for beginners in Durban, you can enrol for mentorship, coaching or connect with people in the community.

Overall, as a beginner, you will never get lost. Guerilla Trading boasts 25+ years of reliable experience that makes us an esteemed platform for you to explore your talents and skills. In addition, we provide you with hand-crafted courses that will enhance your capabilities as an FX trader. So, learn FX trading for beginners in Durban from the best specialists that connect from around the world, just for you.

Best Forex Mentor and Coach Durban

Everyone needs a little push once in a while. You might even need motivation or support. You need a forex mentor in Durban if you are sincerely committed to becoming an excellent FX trader. We encompass the best forex mentors in Durban who are available online. These are specialists from different parts of the world, eager to share their knowledge and insights with you.

So, if you ever consider getting a forex coach in Durban, you might want to turn to your reliable and trustworthy platform, Guerilla Trading. But, of course, we provide all of these at low-cost prices to ensure you receive maximum growth and opportunities.

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