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Six Months of Private One-To-One Coaching With A Professional Trading Coach

This entitles you to a one-hour call every month for six months, where a professional mechanical trader will answer your questions, hold your hand, and ensure you’re making money using our mechanical strategies.

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What Is The 'Funded Trader Pro' Program?

Simply put, it’s the next step in your development as a trader…

The program is specifically designed to provide you with a profitable error-free mechanical edge via our specially-designed trading strategies, unique to us. They remove human-error completely.

No-one else in the world has access to strategies this powerful, or this profitable. 
Apart from us, and you, too.

Why "Error-Free"?

Because even a child could trade these strategies.

Emotionlessly, Consistently and Profitably.

Don’t believe us?

See The Results From
Our Case Study Group:

Perth, Australia

“Spent Over 2-Years Looking For An Edge In My Trading, Which I Found At Guerrilla Trading. Allowing Me To Be Consistently Profitable, Scale My Account To Trade Over $450,000 And Secure More Than +$33,000 In A Single Month”

Joshua initially secured two $100k accounts with FTMO and a third $200k account which he scaled following FTMO guidelines, meaning he had to make over 10% profit over a 3 month period. So he is currently trading with $450,000 from FTMO, allowing his to earn $33,000 in a single month!

Joshua initially got in to trading when he was 18, left to work for a tech company before coming back to trading in 2018, where he spent a little over 2 years trying to get back in to trading.

As Joshua says himself in the video; After 2 years of trial and error, I joined Guerrilla Trading, where the stratergies have “a quantifiable edge that is profitable“, which gave the confidence to take the trades in the live markets.

Cardiff, UK

“I Learnt I Had An Ego, I Always Wanted To Win, The Education Provided Allowed Me To Trade Without Emotion And Secure More Than +£380,000 In Funding”

After 25 years in the military, Daz was looking for a new opportunity to earn money, when he initially came across trading. He wanted to find a way to work from home, allowing him to spend time with his sons.

When Daz initially started, he was scalping and had no concept of risk management, which led to him blowing multiple accounts. After doing all the “free stuff” after 6 months, he then came across Guerrilla trading after seeing Holly’s interview with FTMO.

After joining Guerrilla Trading, Daz quickly learnt he had an ego, and he needed to control his emotions, which the education quickly allowed him to identify and more importantly fix.

Daz biggest turning point was when he realised, he needed to understand Price Action, which is the language of the markets, remove all lagging indications and solely focus on the two highly profitable strategies provided.

By following the education and guidance provided, allowed Daz to secure more than £380k in prop firm funding.

Vuk Generated +$144,000 in January trading FTMO fundes Using Our Strategies.

Martin has secured +$200,000 and put him on the path to leaving his 9-5 Using Our Strategies.

Malabe, Sri Lanka

The $1m trader who is “Extremely grateful for the education I have recevied” allowing him to secure $1,000,000 in funded accounts and earn almost $60,000 in a single month.
Eshan started trading in Oct 2020 and quickly took his first FTMO trial in January 2021, which, sadly, he failed. When reflecting upon his trading, he knew he required more than blind luck to pass and, more importantly, keep a funded account. At this point, he joined our community in February of 2021. 
Eshan threw himself into the education so he could genuinely master our strategies, which has led to him securing funding of $600,000 with My Forex Funds (their maximum allocation) and, in Feb 2023, receiving a pay-out of almost +$60,000 (He has had several smaller pay-outs previously).
In May 2023, Eshan secured even more funding, taking his total portfolio to a staggering $1,000,000.00.

Why The Huge Today-Only Discount?

Great question. We want to give back to our loyal followers and existing customers and allow you all “first-in” access as a gesture of our gratitude to you, before we officially launch in August.

And The Best Part?

The strategies could not be easier to trade.
Again, all we do is follow the “error-free” mechanical pathway mapped out in the program.

Sound Too Good To Be True?

Our Case Study Group thought that, too.
But their results speak for themselves…

January 2023

SIX members in the Top 10!
Earning more than +$375,000


The Truth Is... All You Are Missing Is An Error-Free Mechanical Edge, That Removes Your Flawed Human Emotion, And

You Will Be Profitable

How do we know that? How can we promise that?
Because we have been trading professionally for over 16 years. Our founder, Joshua Bunker, is one of the most renowned trading pro’s in England. He is the developer behind these unique “error-free” mechanical systems, and he is someone you can trust.

What Are You Waiting For? Get Started Now:

*Please Note, This Offer Expires Permanently in


What You’ll Receive;

As soon as you’ve joined the program, you will have instant access to our training portal so that you can begin accessing the course-contents right away.

You’ll have access to our ‘Funded Trader Pro‘ strategies, personalised tracker, plus our weekly group-coaching calls, too. It’s everything you need to remove your flawed human emotion, and the errors that come with it, for good.

And as if that wasn’t enough?

See Our Guarantee:

We also offer a 100% money-back guarantee, making your purchase entirely risk-free. Simply put, the ‘Funded Trader Pro’ strategies either provide profitable trades or you get your money back.

Yes, you read that right.


We’re so confident you’ll get results using the strategies that if you do not see positive results, once you have completed your education and traded the live markets, you can apply for a refund.


Your success and results truly are the priority.

Let's Get You Started:

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But, If You Want To Carry On Struggling &
Losing Money, We Can't Stop You...

It takes work to get results. But not much…

The only “work” you have to do is invest in the system. We do the rest. And from there, you’re a profitable trader. So take action, commit to your trading success, and we guarantee you will get amazing results. After all, we are professional traders, so we know what we’re talking about.

Let's Get You Started:

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And If The £995 Price Is Difficult Right Now...

We can help…

Rather than paying up-front, you can join us completely free, gaining full course-access immediately, whilst delaying the payment for four months by using our PayPal Credit option.

Please note though, that PayPal Credit is only available in selected countries i.e. United States, Canada, United Kingdom, etc. If you are wondering if it is available in your country, please contact PayPal.

Simply click the below ‘PayPal Credit’ button and then select ‘PayPal’ when checking-out. From there, when the PayPal pop-up appears, scroll down on the pop-up and select ‘Credit’.

Better yet, there are no fees and no interest to pay either within the three-month period,
and your purchase is guaranteed by PayPal for security and peace of mind.

On top of that, you choose how you repay the fee from the four-month mark, too i.e. In £50
instalments, or £100 instalments etc, with complete flexibility.

So, what are you waiting for?

Join The Program Now:

*Please Note, This Offer Expires Permanently in


And if you'd like to see even more results from
existing clients before you join?

Tennessee, USA

“My Emotions Are Light Years Ahead.”

Mark used to trade multiple timeframes across 20+ currency pairs, which led to him being stuck behind a screen most of the day. Since joining our community, Mark has gained more freedom of time. He now enjoys the flexibility to do whatever he wants, knowing he can trade anywhere in the world from his mobile phone.

Mark felt our strategies were built from one of the most famous books known to all trades, “Trading In The Zone” by Mark Douglas. He loves our unique management strategy, which removed discretion and has allowed him to maximise his profits and protect his emotional mindset, which he says is now “light years ahead” of where he once was.
Mark is now funded with a $100,000 account within 4 months of joining. He believed it was “a perfect case scenario” for anyone from zero to fully funded by following the mechanical strategies. He loved how every step was thoroughly mapped out and emotionally prepared him, thanks to our “error-free” strategies.
Chanelle said “It’s Really Helped Me Remove Emotions From Trading” Using Our Strategies.
Nathaniel said “It Helped Me Get Funded In Only 3 Months” Using Our Strategies.

And if you'd like to see even more results from
existing clients before you join?

Bristol, UK

“Since Trading These Strategies, I Have Become Consistently Profitable, Hitting “High Figures”
And Was Able To Make +$18,000 In A Single Month”

Holly started her trading journey in Sept 2018 when her daughter was born, she wanted financial freedom and the ability to spend time and travel as a family. She initially got sucked in to the “get rich quick” via Instagram and failed miserably. She had previously traded with another community for one year but could not find consistency.

Since moving to Guerrilla Trading, once she had completed her education, she found consistency and was hitting high figures and she “Has never looked back”. The community is “like no other, I have never seen anything like it before, everyone is so supportive”.

The management is amazing, because there is no discretion, it allows you to get the most out of the markets. Even during COVID, using the Guerrilla Trading Strategy, Holly to quickly identify the volatility in the live markets and her risk accordingly and was able to make $18k in a single month.

Haseeb “You can become the elusive consitently profitable trader” all from implementing Our Strategies.

Nav said we are “THE BEST Trading Community” and personally saw the “CRAZY” percentages we achieve Using Our Strategies.

Dennis said “I passed the FTMO Trail in 3 days” and “grew his personal account by 13% in one week“, and all of this from Using Our Strategies.
Marlon said “I’ve secured $200,000 and about to secure an additional $200,000″ and doing all of this whilst running his own business by simply Using Our Strategies.
Monster van Klokhuis said, “Guerrilla Trading Had A Very Positive Impact On My Trading And Allowed Him To Remove Emotions”, making him a more confident trader, all from Using The Strategies.

Listen to Monster and hear him talk about he did not have any idea on how to remove emotions from his trading and how he gained. the clarity to create a set of rules that will keep him out of bad trades and focus on good trades and stop gambling and risking his capital. In his own words, he believes “Guerrilla Trading is the most valuable thing in the trading space“.

SM Says It Himself; “He Made More Progress In 3 Months” than he has done in the past 2 years Using Our Strategies.
Chitalu Says; “You Will NOT regret it!Using Our Strategies.

*Please Note, This Offer Expires Permanently in