Forex Trading Mentor to Help Learn Forex

Forex Trading Mentor to Help Learn Forex

Even if you understand the basics of Forex trading, actually learning to trade on the Forex market isn’t as easy as you may think. No matter how well you understand the basic principles of trading currency pairs (buying low and selling high), you will never be able to profit on the Forex market if you can’t reign in your trading habits, or if you make a risky trade that quickly turns out to be a poor call. When you trade, there are many opportunities to get carried away and overtrade your account, and there are many risks and pitfalls that may not be immediately obvious to a beginner.

  • When you are first learning to trade, for example, you may be easily swayed by high leverage options that promise huge returns. An expert will tell you, however, that although these offers are tempting, it’s not a good idea to buy into them in most cases, and especially not as a beginner, as it can be absolutely devastating to your funds if you lose that money in a bad trade. 

What Good Does a Forex Mentor Do Me?

How aware are you of high leverage and other risks of the Forex market? How much research have you done? How familiar are you with the software that allows you to trade on the foreign exchange market? Do you know how to contact your Forex broker? What questions do you still have about trading, and have you been able to find all the answers you’re looking for?

Taking the time to meet with and learn from a Forex trading mentor can pay off enormously in a short amount of time. It’s much smarter to invest a little bit of money in getting personalized help with your early trades than it is to lose that or more money in negative trade after negative trade. When you join the Forex market, you are looking to make extra profit and have a positive trading experience that leaves you feeling confident. With a professional Forex trading mentor whom you can turn to when you need to ask for help, you can have a second pair of eyes watching out for you, and don’t need to stress and wonder quite as much whether you are entering some awful trades. 

What Are Signs of a Good Forex Trading Mentor?

If you encounter a supposed Forex mentor promising quick, easy, and guaranteed results, then be sure to look them over again with a very skeptical eye. The Forex market isn’t always predictable even to expert traders, and you should never expect to score a massive profit. The idea behind Forex trading is that when you sell currency pairs, you make minuscule gain. Your Forex mentor isn’t going to make you rich overnight (and if they could, they’d be charging considerably more for their services). Rather, your mentor is someone you should be able to turn to throughout the week for feedback and advice. Need help as you navigate your trading software? Or perhaps you haven’t even settled on one yet? Your mentor is there to help you narrow down your options and find the resources that suit you best.

Once you spend enough time reading all about Forex trading (perhaps by reading articles on sites like ours), then even a trader with very limited experience can start offering advice about the Forex market. Since the principles behind trading currency pairs are relatively simple, they’ll probably get a lot of facts about the market right. However, a professional trading mentor is a good investment for beginning traders because you can expect they won’t be spouting all the same info you can find in your average Forex trading course. Instead, a good mentor should draw from their years of personal experience to provide you with up-to-date data, which risks they think you should avoid, and what prices you should buy specific currency pairs at for an expected turnaround profit.

  • You may be wondering what makes a mentor different from a Forex trading course. A mentor is more likely to instruct you one on one whereas a trading course is often a group environment

As you and your mentor get to know one another, they can impart useful Forex trading strategies to you and help you find the strategies that best suit your personality. They can also advise you on good trades to make day by day. While your mentor cannot point you to a button that will make you rich from Forex trading after a few short clicks, they certainly can observe your techniques, suggest areas to improve, and explain details about Forex trading, currency pairs, and other countries’ economies that you may find confusing. For example, if you’ve decided you’d like to invest in the AUD/USD/ currency pair, your mentor can teach you about the pair characteristics as each currency pairing has its own unique quirks, which is important to understand. Don’t be afraid to use your resource’s knowledge resources!

  • To summarize, a good Forex trading mentor is one who helps you increase your profits in the long-term by guiding you and offering tips over a period of time. Since there is a possibility you may want to stick with your mentor long-term, seek out one who is knowledgeable and friendly. They are here to help you and they expect you to ask questions, so don’t hold back!

Guerrilla Trading aims to be your one stop shop for all your Forex learning needs, and we provide effective services ranging from videos to an easy to a profit calculator and our own Forex trading course that is sure to answer your questions and guide you through the learning process. Do you want to start earning extra cash in your spare time? Are you ready to learn expert tips on Forex trading from professionals? Don’t delay! Sign up for a Forex trading course today and get to know your Forex trading mentor. It takes time to become a master in Forex trading, but with practice and dedication, you’ll be making excellent trades in no time. 


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